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Sunday’S Cool Class is for children pre-K through 6th grade.  Each Sunday, our children join their families for the opening portion of our weekly worship service.  After a Children’s Chat, led by the Pastor or a lay leader, the children leave for their class.  During class time, our children learn about God and his love through stories from the Bible.  Through classroom activities that include:  crafts, dramas, music and videos,  our children begin to develop an understanding of what it means to be Christian.  There is always time for learning through play. A quick round of hide-n-seek, a friendly round of “Chopped” or a class trip to the museum, help develop lasting bonds.  We encourage parents and guardians to visit the class.

Our Sunday’S Cool class actively participate in worship: ringing the bell to announce worship, lighting the altar candles, collecting offering, performing skits and playing with the ‘Tinker Bells’ (our children’s bell choir).  Passing of the Peace takes on new meaning as the children ‘hug’ their way around the sanctuary.

Each year the children select a service project to learn about and support.  They actually put their faith into action. Some of our past selections include:

  • Purchasing a cow through Heifer Project international

  • Playing Santa for a family at the YWCA

  • Sponsoring of a child in the Phillipines

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