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Junior Deacons

Salem's Junior Deacons are comprised of Salem youth who help with worship service.  On the first Sunday of each month, the Junior Deacons collect the offering and bring in the elements for Holy Communion.

This group also holds multiple fundraisers - carwashes in the summer and a refundable bottle & can drive year round.  This year they are also holding a fundraiser called "Spare Change for CarlJon" - inviting people to make their pockets a bit lighter by donating their change.  Carl Jon is a child in the Philippines that Salem helps support.  The youth have taken on Carl Jon's support as their project for this year. 

Past ways the Junior Deacons have helped others have included:

  • purchasing chicks through Heiffer international

  • buying a cow for a family through Heiffer international

  • Sponsoring Christmas for a family at the YWCA next door

  • helping purchase Christmas gifts for kids for the Montgomery Neighborhood Children's Center Christmas

"And a child shall lead them..."
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