Pastor's Corner
...musings from Salem's Pastor Kurt Traugott...

I am writing this to you on New Year’s Day, a day of hope, a day of resolutions, a day of new beginnings.  For me, it is the beginning of my eighth church as a called pastor.  For Salem it is a new beginning with a called pastor.  I trust for both of us it is a beginning filled with hope and I am sure with resolutions.  Though part-time, I hope get to know the members of the parish in spite of the pandemic.  I will also strive to do my best to meet your pastoral needs.

 Let me share with you a thought from one my favorite authors, Ann Weems in her book Searching For Shalom.  


                                  My Church Family

                    Faces and words and glimpses of souls. . .

                    One by One we come.

                    We are many and then we are one.

                    Precious faces, tender words, sweet glimpses

                              into souls. . .

                    Just being here among you is a joy!

                    Unending thank yous rise within in me

                              for these beloved ones within your

                                        Church, O God.

                    Blessed be their lives.

                    Blessed be your Church!

 Blessings to each of you as this year begins and bless this community of faith as we begin our ministry together.

Pastor Kurt+