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Pastor's Corner
...musings from Salem's Pastor Kurt Traugott...

Clarence Cranford tells the story of a sailor who teaching a small boy about the sea.  He mentioned the wind.  “What’s wind?” asked the little boy.  “I don’t know what wind is,” replied the sailor, “but I know what it does when I raise a sail.”


In some ways we do know something about the wind.  We can chart its course and direction, we can measure its strength and speed, but like the sailor we can’t see it; we can only see what it does.  So it is with God’s Spirit.  We can’t see it; we can only see what it does in the lives of those who put their trust in God.


The winds of God’s grace are always blowing, but we must raise the sail of faith in our lives if we want them to propel us toward deeper peace and joy.

Prayer is one way to lift our sails to the winds of God’s wisdom and power.  We do not tell the wind which way to blow.  We learn how to adjust our sail to the wind so it can propel us in the right direction.  In prayer we do not tell God how to act.  Instead, we lift our praise and concerns so God can fill us a deeper sense of God’s presence.


            We will have just celebrated the Festival of Pentecost by the time you read this newsletter. This festival marks to beginning of the Church, as we know it, a community of faith.  Luke tells us in Acts that the Spirit of God came upon the people who were gathered like the mighty rush of the wind.  May the wind of the Spirit blow through our worship and may we open the sails of our lives that God may direct each of us and our ministry as the Church of Jesus Christ.


        Pastor Kurt+

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