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Our History

Salem was founded in 1873 when Rochester was brimming with new life and possibility.

Our roots are found in the Protestant reformation. Salem was formed by members of the Trinity Evangelical Church, who desired a larger sanctuary and a location on the east side of the Genesee River in order to serve the large numbers of German immigrants who were arriving in Rochester.

In 1934, the German Evangelical and Reformed churches united to form the Evangelical and Reformed Church. This denominational merger was made possible because of an overriding concern for the unity of the church: one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

In 1957, the Evangelical and Reformed Churches joined with the Congregational Churches and the Christian Church to form the United Church of Christ.

German United Evangelical Salem Church

1873 - 1921

Salem Evangelical Church

1921 - 1934

Salem Evangelical & Reformed Church

1934 - 1957

Salem United Church of Christ

1957 - Present

More information on Salem's history can be found  online

at the Rochester Genealogical Society site here; and at the Monroe County Genealogical site here.

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