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Music at Salem

Salem has a long history of a rich music program at Salem.  We have benefitted greatly from our proximity to The Eastman School of Music.  In addition, we have been blessed with a wealth of talented and dedicated volunteer musicians from within Salem's ranks.  

We also ocassionally bring in outside musicians.  We are always interested in hearing about potential visits from outside musicians.  If you have a contact, or are a musician willing to share your talents with us, please contact our Music Committee.

Our Austin Opus Organ

Part of Salem’s prized heritage is our pipe organ. This magnificent instrument is an Austin Opus 1160 with 42 rank pipes. It was built in 1923 and underwent a rebuild in 1962 by Austin and again by Berkshire in 1977. We cherish our organ and because of that take excellent care of it. Many of the students at the Eastman School of Music have taken advantage of the fact that we have this brilliant organ and have blessed us with their talents over the years. Our current organist is Nicholas Halbert and we would love to have you join us during a Sunday service to hear him share his God-given gift and enjoy, with us, our Salem home.

Salem Choir

Salem's choir is currently comprised entirely of dedicated volunteer voices. They sing at least twice monthly and always for special services. Salem's choir is always open to new members.  If you are interested in joining them, please speak to any current choir member.

Bells, Bells, Bells

Salem is blessed with a 3-octave Schulmerich handbell set.  We have had all adult bell choirs, as well as all youth bell choirs. Salem currently has 2 handbell choirs.  Our main bell choir ranges from 5 years old to more seasoned veterans. They play several services a year, practicing after service for weeks before to prepare.  We also have a handbell group comprised of Salem's youngest ringers - they call themselves "The Tinkerbells" and they each started playing at the age of 4!

Peter Pan & The Tinkerbelles
Bell Choir
Bell Choir
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